My name is Susan Bartelstone and I'm a certified crime prevention and personal safety specialist. 

Back when I was 19 years old, I had a bad breakup with a guy that involved both physical and emotional bruises.  I became determined to learn how to protect myself and now have more than 17 years combined training in WWII Combatives, self defense and martial arts.  And, since then, I've deterred five extremely dangerous criminal encounters, fought my way out of a surprise attack, and taught safety skills to thousands of women and men. 

You might have seen me on The Today Show or America’s Most Wanted, in Self Magazine or a long and varied list of other media.  Check out the Press Room page for a sampling of my appearances.

Crime Prevention 101 .  I’m the host of a personal safety talk radio show on the top-rated internet radio station.  With an optimistic perspective on a sober subject, I present hot crime topics, the people making the headlines, trends and legal developments that are going to impact all of our lives in the future and true crime stories that demand to be heardwhether heartbreaking, infuriating, inspiring or just plain weird.  It'd be a crime not to listen!

Got a safety concern?  Over the years, as Dear Safety Solutions, I've helped thousands of people solve their personal safety dilemmas on such topics as domestic abuse, date rape, dating violence, rape trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), online dating safety, self defense and so many other topics.  I'm now known as *Ask Susan B* and you can see some of my letters and comments on my blog Crime Prevention 101 

Feel free to ask me questions on ANY personal safety or crime prevention subject that concerns you and know that you are in caring hands. 

What you can find on this site: 

  • Crime prevention information, safety tips, resources, videos and upbeat news items that'll help you reduce your fear and keep you safe

  • Archived Crime Prevention 101 radio shows

  • Emails sent to me about personal safety concerns

  • Courses and teleseminars that you can take in the comfort of your home or office

  • Books, ebooks and safety products that you'll want to know about for yourself, your family and your friends


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10/01/09 - My new blog - Crime Prevention 101 is officially launched!  Find all new Crime Prevention 101 radio shows, show notes, guest information and resources and safety tips mentioned on each show there.  To listen to archived shows or just check it out go to .


6/10/09 - My new book Think Fast and Prevent a Violent Crime:  How to Respond to Danger in 20 Seconds (or Less!) is now available - with great reviews from law enforcement and readers.  For preview and ordering information:


3/08/09 - I guest-hosted a radio show on WBAI 99.5 FM, in New York City as part of a whole day of special programming to commemorate International Working Womens Day.  Click here to hear the broadcast.




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