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If you'd like me to answer your safety questions and help you come up with some options and a Safety Plan, e-mail them to me using the Reply Box below and I'll send back my comments and suggestions. 

Make sure to tell me if you are female or male, your age, where you live (i.e., Northeast, Midwest, major city, small town, etc) and any other information I might need to comment appropriately.

Let's Help Each Other! 

I may want to post your safety questions and plans, along with my comments, on my website and/or in my brand new newsletter and forthcoming book, so others with the same problems can also be helped.  Please indicate below whether I have your permission to do so in that event.


Yes, I want to help others.  I give my permission to post my Safety Questions and/or Plans on the Keeping Yourself Safe! website, the Dear Safety Solutions newsletter and/or book.

Use my first name, last initial, city and state only (Jane S., Denver)

Use the designation "anonymous" plus city, state (Anonymous, Leeds, NY)

  or list your own designation in the box below (Frustrated, Los Angeles, CA)


No, please dont publicize my safety concerns, I only want your comments.


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