Todd Morris

6/13/09 - Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe: Cutting-edge Security Products that Will Ease Your Mind

The crime rate has begun to rise again, so what's more important than feeling safe and secure in your daily life? This week, Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone talks with Todd Morris, from Brickhouse Security, a highly sought-after expert in the field of technical surveillance and security products, about the cutting-edge devices on the market today that'll keep you, your family and your home protected. You're going to be amazed—and maybe even shocked—by what you hear! On a bitter-sweet note, this week's show is the last one for the network. Make sure to stay tuned until the close of the show to hear about the next chapter for Crime Prevention 101 as we move on to new horizons. Many, many thanks to you loyal listeners of the show for making this such an amazing and rewarding experience. Until we meet again, stay safe!

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